Affiliation of Tom Schmitz

Pictured L to R: Provincial Minister Br. Mark Joseph Costello, Provincial Vicar Br. Steve Kropp and Tom Schmitz.

Last week, Tom Schmitz, a retired St. Lawrence Seminary employee was affiliated to the Capuchin Province of St. Joseph. Affiliation is a way that the Province formally recognizes an individual for their service to and relationship with the friars. Affiliation makes the person an honorary member of the province. Retired St. Lawrence Seminary or Friary employees Shirley Horn, Harlan Swift, Kathy Andrew, and Esther Boehnlein are also affiliates.

Tom faithfully served the seminary for 35 years. He has been a great friend of the friars of St. Lawrence and St. Felix friaries in Mt. Calvary, Wisconsin. The celebration took place while the Capuchin Provincial Council was in session at St. Lawrence. Local Minister Dave Schwab paid tribute to Tom and recognized his many contributions to the friars. Tom’s wife Jan and members of his family as well as St. Lawrence Seminary Plant Manager Tom Wehner and his wife Christiewere also guests.

Thank you Tom for your many years of dedicated service to the friars!